Friday, September 18, 2009

My Experience!

I chose to go to The Denver Art Museum for my Culture Connections because I've been there several times. I absolutely enjoy all the different types of artwork that are presented there. I went with Shannon Lu and our friend Tanner who was also the chaperon to this event. To begin, parking in Denver is expensive and horrible! Especially when we realized that The Taste Of Colorado was on the same day, so it was almost impossible to fine a parking spot. As we approached the museum on foot, the wonderful aromas of the different tastes of Colorado tickled Tanner's nose hairs.

Once we got inside, the security forced Tanner to throw away his Starbucks. While they weren't looking, Shannon; the sneaky girl she is, snuck her water and cough drops into my purse. Once our encounter with the law had passed, we moved on to the art!
Tanner was our photographer while Shannon and I attempted to look like all the artwork. During out photo shoots, a security guard was pretty ferocious at us because apparently some things cannot be photographed. We pretended to listen to his lecture. Only from now on, Tanner had to take some secretive snap shots.
After viewing the whole museum, we made the long journey back to the car. It was really only about a block of walking but Tanner seemed to think it took forever! During the walk back, we got to see the Taste of Colorado one last time. Once we were back to the 5 dollar, all day parking, there was a jolly plump man poppin a squat on Tanner's car. It gave us all quite a giggle! After a hard day full of struggle and interrogation, not to mention fun we headed home. :D

Artists and works!

There actually weren't and "featured Artist or Artwork" on display during the time that we had decided to go. I went to the art museum a couple years ago and now that I had visited it recently, I could tell that they had added new pieces of art. There were many different types of artwork at the museum, instead of assuming that all art museums are full of paintings, The Denver Art Museum was filled with paintings, statues, pottery, etc.
The popular piece of artwork that had caught my attention and isn't newly added, was the Hayagriva Mandala (1996) created by the monk-artists of Seraje Monastic University. This Mandala was displayed in the Asian Art section of the museum which was intended for a smaller/more intimate audience who were highly interested in Asian type artwork. I was extremely impressed on the materials the artist had used and the colors that were chosen! The Mandala was absolutely beautiful and amazing!

Analyze the Art!

The Hayagriva Mandala (1996) was created by Geshe Thubten Sonam from Seraje Monastic University in southern India. Hayagriva is a Great Protector of Buddhism who destroys passion and ignorance. The Mandala is made only with tiny grains of colored sand, the mandala serves as a diagram for visual contemplation and meditative practice. After the Mandala had been created inside of the museum, Monks chanted and played sacred music to dedicate the Hayagriva mandala. They offer it "…to protect the people and environment from disease and natural calamities and evil elements." I think that the artist's intent in creating this art was to demonstrate the religion of Buddhism. The universal human experience that this art addresses is that many people believe in different religions. The themes and ideas in this piece of art usually appeal to a smaller group such as the Asian ethnicity and anyone else who believes in Buddhism.


Artist: Jonas Burgert (German, born 1969 in Berlin).
Painting: (second Day Nothing) Oil on canvas (2006).

- The ideas and images are a mess, the people in the painting are doing there own thing, the people are wearing many sorts of different colors with green liquid splattered everywhere and on everyone, there is also a couple giants in the painting.
- The artist organizes ideas the was he does because he seems to like bright colors and chaos.

- The buckets and containers used to hold the green liquid, and the green liquid seem to have importance in the artwork.

- Chaos/accidents are universal in the art.

- I'm confused about why the people in the painting are filling their buckets with the Green liquid.


- The artist's attitude towards the text is probably surprise and dramatic because of the bright colors.


- The artist wants the viewer to visualize a crazy bright painting with lots of people crowded be a hole in the ground filled with bright green liquid which they're filling their buckets with, it's chaotic!

- The artist also want us to pay attention to several of the people in the painting that looks like they're trying to escape the green liquid, and also couple of the giants in the painting.
- The Hole in the ground may mean disaster, and the buckets mean helping the suffering.

- There looks like there is a couple people trying to escape the hole, and the others are using buckets to scoop the liquid out of the hole.


Shannon and I sitting on plastic bubbles!
Not Patriotic? :X
Hello Friend ;)
CUTE BABY! Hehe, she tore up all here toys!
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Crazy art structure! Random things!
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Site Of The Future Clyfford Still Museum Opening soon!
Samurai Swords!
Asian Art
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India Monkey God!
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