Friday, September 18, 2009

Analyze the Art!

The Hayagriva Mandala (1996) was created by Geshe Thubten Sonam from Seraje Monastic University in southern India. Hayagriva is a Great Protector of Buddhism who destroys passion and ignorance. The Mandala is made only with tiny grains of colored sand, the mandala serves as a diagram for visual contemplation and meditative practice. After the Mandala had been created inside of the museum, Monks chanted and played sacred music to dedicate the Hayagriva mandala. They offer it "…to protect the people and environment from disease and natural calamities and evil elements." I think that the artist's intent in creating this art was to demonstrate the religion of Buddhism. The universal human experience that this art addresses is that many people believe in different religions. The themes and ideas in this piece of art usually appeal to a smaller group such as the Asian ethnicity and anyone else who believes in Buddhism.

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