Friday, September 18, 2009

Artists and works!

There actually weren't and "featured Artist or Artwork" on display during the time that we had decided to go. I went to the art museum a couple years ago and now that I had visited it recently, I could tell that they had added new pieces of art. There were many different types of artwork at the museum, instead of assuming that all art museums are full of paintings, The Denver Art Museum was filled with paintings, statues, pottery, etc.
The popular piece of artwork that had caught my attention and isn't newly added, was the Hayagriva Mandala (1996) created by the monk-artists of Seraje Monastic University. This Mandala was displayed in the Asian Art section of the museum which was intended for a smaller/more intimate audience who were highly interested in Asian type artwork. I was extremely impressed on the materials the artist had used and the colors that were chosen! The Mandala was absolutely beautiful and amazing!

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