Friday, September 18, 2009

My Experience!

I chose to go to The Denver Art Museum for my Culture Connections because I've been there several times. I absolutely enjoy all the different types of artwork that are presented there. I went with Shannon Lu and our friend Tanner who was also the chaperon to this event. To begin, parking in Denver is expensive and horrible! Especially when we realized that The Taste Of Colorado was on the same day, so it was almost impossible to fine a parking spot. As we approached the museum on foot, the wonderful aromas of the different tastes of Colorado tickled Tanner's nose hairs.

Once we got inside, the security forced Tanner to throw away his Starbucks. While they weren't looking, Shannon; the sneaky girl she is, snuck her water and cough drops into my purse. Once our encounter with the law had passed, we moved on to the art!
Tanner was our photographer while Shannon and I attempted to look like all the artwork. During out photo shoots, a security guard was pretty ferocious at us because apparently some things cannot be photographed. We pretended to listen to his lecture. Only from now on, Tanner had to take some secretive snap shots.
After viewing the whole museum, we made the long journey back to the car. It was really only about a block of walking but Tanner seemed to think it took forever! During the walk back, we got to see the Taste of Colorado one last time. Once we were back to the 5 dollar, all day parking, there was a jolly plump man poppin a squat on Tanner's car. It gave us all quite a giggle! After a hard day full of struggle and interrogation, not to mention fun we headed home. :D

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