Friday, September 18, 2009


Artist: Jonas Burgert (German, born 1969 in Berlin).
Painting: (second Day Nothing) Oil on canvas (2006).

- The ideas and images are a mess, the people in the painting are doing there own thing, the people are wearing many sorts of different colors with green liquid splattered everywhere and on everyone, there is also a couple giants in the painting.
- The artist organizes ideas the was he does because he seems to like bright colors and chaos.

- The buckets and containers used to hold the green liquid, and the green liquid seem to have importance in the artwork.

- Chaos/accidents are universal in the art.

- I'm confused about why the people in the painting are filling their buckets with the Green liquid.


- The artist's attitude towards the text is probably surprise and dramatic because of the bright colors.


- The artist wants the viewer to visualize a crazy bright painting with lots of people crowded be a hole in the ground filled with bright green liquid which they're filling their buckets with, it's chaotic!

- The artist also want us to pay attention to several of the people in the painting that looks like they're trying to escape the green liquid, and also couple of the giants in the painting.
- The Hole in the ground may mean disaster, and the buckets mean helping the suffering.

- There looks like there is a couple people trying to escape the hole, and the others are using buckets to scoop the liquid out of the hole.

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